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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the government is beefing up security ahead of 9/11. the new report that shows we may not be as ready as we think. it's all ahead on ktvu morning news. well good morning. it is the middle of the week, pam. it's wednesday, the end of august, 31, i'm dave clark. >> can't believe, coming to an end. good morning. i'm pack cook. thank you for joining us. august pretty school. i have to say. is it going to continued to? >> sure looks like it, pam. this has been a cool summer again, we had one last year, but usually september is when we start to look for that north northeast wind and maybe by tomorrow it will happen but today we have to deal with low clouds and fog and temperatures very close to yesterdays readings to 50s to load and mid 80s. here is sal good morning, traffic on 680 southbound is moving along very wellheading down to the bottom of the south
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bay there or bottom of the hill towards south bay and this mornings commute is also looking pretty good in san francisco, along northbound 101 we don't have that fog, we usually do and you can see clearly northbound 101 traffic looks good. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. topping our news at 5, the chp issued an amber alert for a 13-year-old girl from hollister, just about 50 miles south of san jose. earlier this morning we received pictures of both the missing girl and her father who is the suspected kidnapper. investigators say 34 year old marcelina ramirez abducted 13- year-old christina ramirez at hollister at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. investigators say the two may be in a white honda odyssey with tinted rear windows with a california license plate number of 3 wan638. the chp decided not to activate amber alert signs on most bay
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area freeways though because the two are believed to be heading south. now, we have a ktvu news crew headed to hollister, we'll have a live report in the next half hour. facebook is asking people to hack into its system. ktvu channel 2 reporter has more on the plan and how it is paying off for some people. craig? >> reporter: good morning. we're at facebook headquarters this morning because we want to see how many people have hacked into the site. how much money facebook has paid out. we also want to see if this campaign has anything to do with a threat from the activist group "anonymous." facebook says it has done this in the past and one of the reasons they are doing it is they want to locate bugs in the system. social networking site says its had a number of people they paid out like $40,000 in the past from hacking into sites and the call is going out to professional security people to send facebook details of weak
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spots. so far this time around facebook says its paid out $5,000 for one report and $7,000 for up to six reports from one other additional person. >> facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving planned access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. >> activists group anonymous announced a campaign earlier this month and they accused facebook of giving subscribers personal information to the federal government and anonymous said some people asked jessica some people hacking into facebook is called operation facebook and it begins november 5 but this is sponsoring the activist group, they aren't expected to collect money from facebook. they are looking to bring down the system. we'll try to reach facebook to see if their recent campaign is connected with the anonymous campaign. reporting live, ktvu, channel 2
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news. our time is 5:03. we know more about how president obama will observe september 11 and remember the terror victims. the president will go to new yorks ground zero at the world trade center site and also to the pentagon and pay tribute to the terror victims who died in pennsylvania, and attend a prayer service at the national cathedral in washington d.c. security around the nation is being increased as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 gets closer. officials say there's no specific threat but that you should expect to see changes at airports and mass transit stations. the coming up for you at 5:15 we'll have a live report from our washington d.c. bureau on the extra precautions. a horrifying hurricane irene story. a new jersey man died after being sucked into a storm drain, and he was cleaning around canals in lawrence township after the hurricane blew through that area. when he picked up a pan mole cover, the rushing waters
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pulled him into the drain pipes. his body was later found two miles away at a sewage plant. the deaths of at least 44 people have been blamed so far on hurricane irene. new jersey is just one of many cities, many of the states on the east coast devastated by hurricane irene. early estimates put the cost of the storm damage at 7-$10 billion and this will make it one of the 10 costly its catastrophes in the countries history. analysts say most of the damage might not be covered by insurance because it's caused by flooding and most of the hurricane policies only cover damage caused by wind. time now 5:04. federal investigators directly blaming pg& e for the san bruno pipeline disaster one year ago. the ntsb formerly unveiled its findings yesterday. it said pg& e's shoddy safety practices lead to the death of eight people and destruction of
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38 homes. >> all of us have the obligation to take every step possible to insure the lessons of this tragedy are well learned and not repeated. >> now specifically, the ntsb says pg& e failed to detect a critical welding problem in a pipe that was installed in 1957. it also says the utility is largely to blame for the chaos and the confusion among the emergency responders immediately after that deadly explosion fire. the long awaited report did not ease the concerns of many disaster victims back in san bruno. >> i'm worried something awful like this might happen again and we'll be victims again. >> now the ntsb made 29 safety recommendations. they're hoping the disaster will be a wake up call for both government safety agencies and for the pipeline industry. those recommendations include speeding up the installation of automatic or remote shut off
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valves. a better system to recognize and pinpoint leaks in realtime, better communication among first responders to share information, improved over sight among federal and state safety agencies, and better inspections as well as record keeping. you can find a lot more about the ntsb report by going to our channel 2 website, just look there for the pg& e tab. now, it's 5:06. want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic. >> pam and dave, good morning. pam, that's a sharp business suit. i like that. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound 80 as you head to the mcarthur maze. no major problems, traffic is moving along very nicely. also this mornings commute looks good. we like to look at the toll plaza just to kind of set the record straight, kind of as a balance here, almost at zero. there are no major delays on the bridge at all.
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here we go in the south bay, same thing goes, northbound 280 doing very nicely, so of course these things all change but right now we're off to a pretty good start. at 5:07 let's go to steve thank you, sir, and a very good morning to you all. low clouds and fog and rather solid unless north of the coast and it does look mostly clear, although crescent city in the last hour said light rain. i think that's probably drizzle but for us mostly cloudy but by 3:00 it will be mostly clear. i think we'll get a little northerly breeze behind this northwest, get out a lot of this cloud deck and tomorrow looks mostly clear but low clouds around the bay, sunny later on 70-76 and inland temperatures, any fog will burn off fast, cool mornings, no doubt about it especially for the end of august 48-58 but sunny and breezy, and those away from the waters edge, you can see a little bit of a north wind already taking shape. some of the fog going north to south on the coast so i should get chewed up a little bit
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later. 52-59 yesterday, the airport dropped to 45 and that's cold, and the clouds will stop that today. 56 fairfield, san jose clear and 55, and a west southwest and that's the direction the wind is coming from 21 so it's a sea breeze although san jose southeast at 10 but san rosa is calm and system digging in, we call it a little upper level system not that strong but the mere fact that it's there is ushering in cooler air aloft, so as that comes in it does a couple things, picks up the wind but also chewing up the fog but it means temperatures a little bit below average but it does look like a rebound in those temperatures starting tomorrow. after low clouds there will be lots of sun, breezy and windy at times, a little change, clearing back to the coast and gone from the coast later on by later this afternoon but 50, 60, 70, for many and inland temperatures low to mid 80s, concord at 81 but a lot of upper 70s in locations should
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be warmer. decreasing that fog thursday and it does look sunny side up and warmer into friday and with the weekend in view, warm saturday and cooler on sunday. >> okay, steve. time now 5:09. well san jose is considering a proposal to reduce speed limits around schools. councilman pierre luigi wants to reduce speed limits from 25 to 15 miles an hour around all of the city schools. san francisco recently adopted similar speed limit rules and supporters say this change will help save lives. a city council committee will consider that idea at a meeting today. time is 5:09. military recruitment in schools. the local school district changing its policy after a phone call from the defense department. also, failing from the giants. the embezzlement scandall in the teams back office. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive on 237, driving over to 880 and then to
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sunnyville. i'll tell you more about the morning commute, straight ahead.
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welcome back. time now 5:12. barry bonds due back in court december 16th to be sentenced for his conviction for obstruction of justice. last week barry bonds went to court to try to get that conviction overturned or to try to get a new trial. the judge rejected both requests. the bonds conviction carries a
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sentence of up to 10 years but many experts say he probably won't serve any time. a former payroll manager of the san francisco giants is under investigation accused of em bezelling more than $1.5 million from the team. 41-year-old robin o'connor is suspected of taking money from nine unidentified giants employees including some players over the past year. now, the team released this statement, i'm reading, "we are working with federal authorities to insure that this matter is thoroughly investigated and that any wrong doing is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." well, the federal government is stepping up security around the country in preparation for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack but as ktvu allison burns tells us from our washington t c bureau, a report tells us the country is not as prepared as it needs to be for another major terrorists attack. >> reporter: pam that's right. it is called the tenth anniversary report card and it's being released this
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morning by the former leaders of the 9/11 commission. it cites continuing big problems with airport security and says procedures to detect explosives hidden on passengers lack reliability. it describes emergency communications used by first responders in urban areas as inadequate and it calls efforts to coordinate rescues a long way from being fully implemented. the report card also takes on the department of homeland security and congress for failing to develop a way to track people once they leave the united states. i'll have more on why some of these 9/11 commission recommendations have not been implemented during my next update in about an hour. for now live, in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu. channel 2 news. the san francisco unified school district is making changes after getting a call from the defense department. the pentagon was apparently not pleased with the districts decision to encourage all students to opt out of the
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military recruiting database. district officials tell the examiner they will vote next month on a revised policy. it will apparently no longer include the goal of having all students opt out and will require students to be at least 15 before making a decision. time now 5:15. a federal judge has blocked key provisions of the abortion law in texas. now the judges upholding a requirement that a sonogram but performed before any abortion, but struck down a provision that requires the doctor to describe the sonogram images to the patient. the judge says that provision violates free speech rights of both the doctor and the patient. today firefighters expected to make progress on a fast moving wildfire burning through oklahoma. so far, its destroyed about a dozen homes and burned 1500- acres. no major injuries reported as yet. now crews in north texas also battling a raging wildfire there. it had grown to at least 3500- acres and destroyed 20 homes.
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we have some breaking news right now. we've been following that amber alert for a 13-year-old girl and we're just getting information into our news room now that she has been found, that is the 13-year-old little girl, her father is the accused kidnapper and there was an amber alert issued after she was taken from her home in hollister, south of san jose. again, we have information that the little girl, the 13-year- old girl has been found. we'll get an update to you as soon as it's available. well, it is sentencing day for the oakland hotel owner tied to an arson plot. richard earl singer is the owner of menlow hotel in downtown oakland. prosecutors say he paid an arson it's thousands of dollars to burn down his hotel so he could collect the insurance money. federal investigators say they arrested singer before the alleged plot was carried out. in june singer agreed to a plea bargain in exchange for his guilty plea.
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he still faces a possible 10 year prison term. an oil spill safety bill has failed in the state senate but supporters are vowing to fight on. the bill would increase the fees that oil companies pay per barrel by less than $.02. those fees make up the budget for the agency responsible for enforcing safety rules, but without an increase the agency faces a deficit and layoffs. the assemblymen who authored the bill says he plans to bring the measure back for a vote. a bill is moving ahead to ban the chemical from plastic baby bottles sold here in california. bpa can harm young children. yesterday, the state senate approved a measure to ban the chemical from baby bottles and sippy cups sold after july 1 of 2013. the state assembly has to now aprove those changes made to the bill before it can be sent to the governor. 5:18 is the time now. back over to sal. any problems this morning?
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>> nothing major yet, pam and dave which is good. still nice and early for you, if you're driving anywhere in the bay area you'll get a good drive. this is a look at highway 4 that looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grave with no major problems. we've been looking at things here and traffic continues to move along very nicely on highway 4, coming up to concordant if you're driving in oakland, north and southbound 880 that traffic looks pretty good driving up to downtown. a portion of the bay bridge toll plaza looks good and so it looks also good at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 as you head over to the peninsula. at 5:18, let's go to steve thank you, sal. good morning. low clouds along the coast, dense fog, but i do feel that clearing will take place from north to south and it will be sunny and breezy for everybody today. that fog should get chewed up as the system moves through it will help to break it in a little bit and a north wind behind that, let's go with it, why not? so but starting off, a lot of
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low clouds and fog. unless you're north of the sonoma coast where it looks mostly clear, starting to see some of that clearing right there. now it's not here yet but it is a sign of things to come later on. 50s on these temperatures, 52- 59 and 57 mountain view and redwood city made it down to 52 yesterday so there have been cool readings heard from james on a tweet, sp weather by wait in san mateo, he says man, it's getting cold so there is a bite to the air. these lows, they feel very fall- like to me. west southwest 21 fairfield, that's a west at livermore at 5, southwest at nappa and calm, santa rosa, sfo, even oakland, a lot of low clouds, san jose is southeast to 10 miles per hour. there is our system moving in getting that time of the year when you start to look and i'll see if they get stronger these systems, we've had a series coming in, one after another and they don't have to be very strong but once they come in, they enhance the fog and they cool us down a little bit and its been this way for the
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longest time so widespread low clouds and fog, temperatures near to slightly below average but it does look like the fog will get chewed up and leaning on more sunshine tomorrow, maybe later today. fog sun breezy, not much change clearing to the coast and down the coast. 60s and 70s, san jose 77, redwood city 74 and we'll go 83 livermore and also fairfield, so low to mid 80s but temperatures rebound tomorrow, should get a decent warm up for many thursday, friday, north wind mainly in the north bay though, so they should warm up rapidly and it's mostly sunny, fog starting to creep up saturday and sunday does look cooler. well european stock markets are off with some gains for the day after asian markets finished the day on the upside, pretty good gains across the board in europe right now, south korea's was up almost 2% overnight with markets in hong kong and taiwan gaining more than 1.5% and analysts say most of the rides is due to bargain
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hunters finding stocks that have been pushed down too far over the summer. checking in on the numbers looks like we could see a rise this morning when our opening bell rings in the next hour. gains, small gains yesterday with the dow up about 20 to 11, 559. sony says it will start selling a head mounted personal feeder. the devises provide 3d feeder of music videos, movies, and games and it's targeted at people who prefer solitary entertainment to sitting with family or friends in front of the tv. the personal 3d viewer will go on sale in japan in november and it could be rolled out in the u.s. in time for christmas. no firm date has been set yesterday. >> they don't want to be with the kids, yeah right. time now 5:21. your future son-in-law justin bieber is in the news. he was in a car accident. how the super star has a very expensive car and is doing after the collision. plus an oakland school in a lockdown. why some parents are not happy with the way the school handled
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the situation. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up into the valley. we'll tell you more, coming up.
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good morning. plenty of low clouds around but it will start to clear off north to south and sunny later on by the coast, highs 60s and 70s and fog, sun, then breezy.
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you got to see this. waves almost 60 feet high. drawing a lot of people to the beach in china, incredible. part of a phenomenon known as astronomical tide time. now the waves are only this big for 10 days in the lunar calendar. the tide mixed with winds from a typhoon are making those waves even bigger. well, this morning, students will be returning to horris man elementary school in oakland. that's one day after a nearby police standoff lead to a school lockdown. now students were kept inside their school from 9:00-4:00 until after several nearby homeowners were robbed at gunpoint. police searched on mel rose and vicksburg avenues and arrested four of the five suspects. the fifth suspect called police saying he wanted to surrender but was stuck in the attic of a home. firefighters managed to get him out of the house. some parents say they're upset with the way the school handled the situation. >> i heard about it through the
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news. the school didn't call me and this has been going on since 9:00. so if a kid would have got shot sorry won't help me. >> after the suspects were arrested, students were allowed to go home with their parents. this is the second day in a row that an oakland school was placed on lockdown because of a police search. time now 5:26. singer justin bieber and his very expensive ferrari are both okay this morning after a minor crash in los angeles. take a look at these pictures. this is from tmz of his car. now police say a honda civic tapped justin bieber's ferrari yesterday afternoon. justin bieber was not hurt. the car was not damaged. time now 5:26. breaking news . just a couple moments ago the search for a missing teenager from hollister came to an end. also local bank
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facebook more secure there is a new report that says that the down try is not as prepared a as it needs to be for another terrorist attract. >> general petraeus retired today after 37 years of service. he is heading to the director of the cia. he has served as the top u.s. commander in iraq and afghanistan. he starts his new job on tuesday. a final report on a three-year investigation on wartime spending is due out today. up to $60 billion in u.s. funds has been lost to waste and fraud in yak, afghanistan over the past 10 years.
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the commission on wartime contracting blames the losses on a lack of oversight, poor plans and wide spread corruption. in libya this morning, the rebels will not give any specifics, but they say they are crossing in on gadhafi and they are confident they will catch him very soon. the rebels are hunting for gadhafi amid fears he can stir up violence. his whereabouts are still unknown. his wife, daughter and two of his sons have escaped to algeria. and 5:43. happening right now. wildfires sweeping through -- listening to that sound there, but you're looking at live pictures, wildfires are hitting parts of texas and oklahoma. we're getting pictures in and out now, but we're watching palo pinto, texas, about 90 miles west of dallas. dozens of homes have been
5:45 am
destroyed. hundreds of people have been forced out of their homes. this is a live situation and the camera goes in and out as this goes on. a heat wave and a drought in those areas have left both of those state ins a perfectly bad situation. they have parched grounds and dry veg station. as of tuesday afternoon, the fire in texas has burned more than 3,500 acres. they're expecting to announce new numbers later this morning and yet we still don't know what dawesed the fire. hurricane irene is the latest natural disaster to hit the u.s., and while fema is promising federal help, they admit they're running it of money. yesterday ktvu got an inside tour of fee ma's command center in oakland. if a disaster was to strike in this area, this center you're looking at will start the
5:46 am
emergency response. after 10 natural disasters so far this year, only the immediate needs are being met. >> what does that mean? it means, first and foremost, that all claims by survivors of disasters for individual assistance will be paid. >> reporter: this morning, the head of fema said they have less than $800 million left in the disaster fund, but they insist recovery efforts will move ahead, however, long-term projects like rebuilding areas in jupe lynn, missouri, which was devastated by tornadoes, that may be delayed. hurricane irene has caused a blood shortage along the east coast and now the red cross is urging bay area residents to donate blood. they have canceled more than 72 blood drives through the east coast because of the storm. that has left the area down of much needed blood. so all eligible donors, you're encouraged to contact the local
5:47 am
red cross. the police in morgan hill are looking for two men who kidnapped and robbed a 73-year- old man. the abduction happened last thursday on monterey road outside a dollar tree store. the two men kidnapped him, forced him to withdraw money from his bank and then stole money from his home. he was not physically harmed. oakland police are looking for men who stole gold jewelry. the robbery happened right in front of a home on 90th avenue. the officers say the robbers confronted two victims, showed they had ozzies and then -- uses and then demanded the jewelry. a new state law, non- violent inmates and parolees previously monitored by the state are now the responsibility of various counties. the plan is meant to curb prison crowding and cut spending.
5:48 am
under the new law, marin county will receive about $3 million annually to pay for its jail and parolee responsibilities. the law goes into effect october 1. and u.c. santa cruz chancellor is recovering from brain surgery this morning. in a message posted on the university's web site, the school officials say the chancellor had successful surgery on monday at ucsf. a small abnormal artery in his brain was removed. the chancellor will spend the next three weeks recuperating before returning to work. today san jose becomes the land of the undead as the city celebrates the third annual disosm bee crawl. the event starts at 5:00 p.m. anyone who needs help with their zoom brief make-up application can get some at slave labor graphics beginning at noon. tonight's event includes the screen okay of a movie and the participants are also being asked to bring food to donate
5:49 am
to the second harvest food bank. >> and sal, are you? pretty busy this morning? >> reporter: that is the million dollar question, isn't it? yes, i am. as a matter of fact, we're looking at some of that troublesome road work. i don't know if you remember, but yesterday we had some of anytime the south bay where some of the repaving didn't go quite as scheduled and they didn't reopen the lanes until 7:00 and that caused a huge traffic jam. so far that is not happening. we're going to keep an eye on highway 17 for you and let you know. a lot of people were upset by that and sometimes these things do happen. let's go out and take a look at the live pictures. 880 north and the northbound traffic looks good. and this morning's commute at the bay bridge, that looks good. the road work there has been picked up and the traffic is smooth into and out of san francisco. let's go to steve. >> speaking of soothe. >> thank you. >> good morning, everyone. we do have a fog bank there
5:50 am
that i think will get chewed up a little later on. a system moving into the north is going to scour that out later. it is up around 2,000 feet. but as that system drops down, it will bring in cooler air aloft. we're already starting to see that. so low clouds, and then sunny and breezy in the afternoon. a little below average on those temperatures, but let's go sunny side up later on. tomorrow with more of a northerly breeze is looking a little warmer. we start off with the low clouds. you can actually see clearing taking place right there. hopefully that will make it along all of the coast. 50s for everybody. san jose is in there. bookends on heyward. 56 in napa and fairfield. santa rosa tcoolest, but nothing compared to yesterday. they have the fog, they're reporting fog. yesterday morning, 45. chilly morning air, but that
5:51 am
was yesterday. 21 fairfield. our object server also has a westerly wind. a lot of locations just say calm with the low cloud deck. you can see that system right there as it moves into the pacific northwest. not that strong, but it will be strong enough to first give us the ing in and then sunshine and breezy conditions. clearing to the coast and i think down the coast. we'll cool off a little bit. upper 807s and rebound those temperatures tomorrow. 70s and 80s. it has been a cool week in napa. we'll go 75 today. san raphael, fairfield, right at 80, which is what they were yesterday. 79 for pleasanton, walnut creek. 77 martinez. 67 berkeley. 79, morgan hill, that is not too shabby. fremont at 74. san jose at 77. the same for woodside.
5:52 am
pacifica, half moon bay nthe city along san bruno at 67 degrees. tomorrow looks warmer. a decrease in the fog. mostly sunny and milder on saturday, but cooler on your sunday. >> all right. thank you, steve. and pack aired will make one final production run of its touch pad before it is retired. the company says it was overwhelmed by demand after announcing a price cut from $600 to $150. after this run, it will be discontinued. alaska airlines is expanding its service from the bay area to hawaii. starting next march, there will be daily flights from san jose and oakland. right now there are three or four flight as week. several automakers are gearing up to make more contact car this is year. general motors is adding saturday shifts at the factory that makes the chevy cruze. ford, toyota and hyundai are also adding more shifts at
5:53 am
their plants. automakers believe new car buyers are turning to smaller vehicles while they are worried about gas prices and the overall economy. and he is brand flu to the bay area, and one day he will be 18 feet tall. where this six-foot tall baby baby was born and what is his connection to the san francisco giants? >> an the intruder at an l.a. tv station is making news of his own. [ screaming ]
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a los angeles man is finally in custody this morning. these are pictures of him on the tower last night. fire and police crews talked him down after a little more than a hour. authorities think this is the same man with an earlier pitched a tint under the tower and yelled at people passing by. it's not clear why he climbed the tower. u.s. marshals expected of working as a pimp throughout c a including here in the bay area. tracy was arrested friday. he reportedly operated there. he's facing charges that include pimping, domestic violence and sexual assault charges. actress and activist darrell hanna was arrested in front of the white house joining an environmental protest. he was part of administration
5:57 am
against the proposed keystone xl pipeline. she was among the hundred demonstrators taken away in handcuffs. darrell has been arrested several times in the past during protest during environmental issues. san francisco giant outfielder now has a giraffe named after him. it was born friday. take a look. he's named after giants rookie outfielder brandon whose nickname is brandon giraffe. it may take a little longer for the rest of us to meet him. the mother and baby are not on public display yet. time now 5:56. i'll stick my neck and out say sale knows all about it. >> that whole baby giraffe thing, they have baby giraffe hats now. i've seen people wearing them. >> why baby giraffe. >> if you look at him he's kind offal. he's kind of awkward like that,
5:58 am
he even said so himself. >> good morning let's go out and take look at the commute. traffic is going to be quickly moving along here on 280. not a big deal here. gray traffic also moving along nicely. >> all right, now we have breaking news about a report about an amber alert and missing 13-year-old girl. we'll have the very latest of the breaking news that just came in a short time ago. >> and the offer from facebook hackers do it if you can. surprising response. >> good morning. little cooler, warmer today. we'll have the answer in two minutes.
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